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CannaSwissCup – Relaunch 2017

Since summer 2016, CBD weed is totally legalized in Swiss! Cannabis with less than 1% THC content is legal to grow, to sell and to consume. Lots of innovative growers are putting tasty cultivars on the Swiss market and now we like to find out:

What is the best weed grown in 2017?

Interested producers may register their sorts for the competition as of now.

> Producers

How to choose the best weed? Cannabis users will estimate the appearance and the taste, like in former Cups, by blind testing, without getting any info on the sorts and names of the growers. Users’ boxes are available in a limited edition from November 2017 and may be pre-ordered by now.

> Buy a box

The best weed of each category will be chosen and awarded, on Saturday 28th of April 2018, at the international hemp fair CannaTrade.


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